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Anesthesia For Hysterical Cat Owners

So we were seeing a vet yesterday. Kajsa and Tessa needed to get their teeth done as both cats had a lot of plaque.

The bandaged paw we showed yesterday was due to anesthesia. I was a bit surprised that only Tessa had bandages, but turned out that Kajsa wasn’t too tired for working hard on our way home – I found her bandages in her carrier, hehe.

taking your cats home after anesthesia

Tessa again was very tired. Kajsa ate a lot when we got home, but Tessa didn’t even care about her favorite treats.

cat feels so bad after anesthesia that she doesn't want to have treats

I was of course hysterical and wanted to nurse her. She sure was very tired because she let me put a blanket on her!

cat under blanket after anesthesia

Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there and made her a hot-water-bag as well. Sigh. Will I ever learn? Of course Tessa didn’t appreciate my efforts and decided that she had enough. So instead of laying in a den, she sat on the cold floor while Kajsa chose a high spot.

difficult to nurse cats

The cold floor and height didn’t really calm me down, but I tried very hard to ignore my patients. They obviously didn’t appreciate my non-existing nursing skills. Sigh. And of course everything went fine. Kajsa didn’t fall, and Tessa found a new spot to hang out. Both were behaving normal today and expected that the flow of treats will continue.

I think I’ll ask the vet next time if I can also get a shot to calm down.


Red Tooth Fairy

Any idea why Mom chose red nail polish to distinguish Kajsa’s toothbrush from Tessa’s? Hehehe.

She’s crazy. She’s been brushing our teeth once a week for over a year now, thinking that we’d get used to it, eventually making it to a nice daily routine. *shudder*

Worst of all – despite her efforts, we do have tartar, and will soon meet our vet again. You should think that she’d learn from her mistakes and stop brushing our teeth, but she just gets encouraged to brush our teeth more often.

WHAT?? Don’t big companies sell very tasty snacks for dental health ?!? Mom is very suspicious of them: if snacks helped minimizing plaque,  the market for human health products would explode in endless variations of dental snacks. Bah. Just because humans don’t have dental snacks means that we can’t have any?* Human logic anyone?


*Although she’s promised to give it a second thought and try, so let’s see. A portion of tasty dental treats could indeed become a very nice daily routine!


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