Curiosity killed the cat

At The Zoo

Someone told me
It’s all happening at the zoo
I do believe it
I do believe it’s true

(Simon and Garfunkel)

Glass doors and cats

The worst thing at Granny’s place are all ( ~one~ editor’s note) the closed doors. Grandpa has his own Gentlemen Room. Our human says this is only fair after we kicked Grandpa out of the bedroom. Bah. She conveniently neglects that all rooms belong to cats by law.

You would think a glass door gave us at least some control over Mystery Room. Admittedly, the door saves our lives as we’re not dying of curiosity, but it also works against us. We often lurk in front of Grandpa’s room, ready to run for our lives as soon as the door opens. Humans are typically way too slow for agile and talented cats like us, but the glass door infringes any surprise attacks – Grandpa knows exactly where we are when he opens the door. Bah.


Curiosity Stretched The Cat

curiosity stretched the catWe live in an old house from 1890, and our neighbors are partly heating with firewood. It’s a pity that we don’t have one of those lovely old-fashioned masonry stoves in our apartment – we’d love to snuggle there. However, we DO get to share their wood shed, and of course Kajsa and I love being there.

If I only knew what was in the shed next door! Mom says that she’s no idea. The key is lost, and nobody has opened this shed for many many years.

Arg! Aren’t humans stupid??? I tried to get her interested, and had some suggestions:

  • A squirrel colony? Mom says she’s not interested in squirrels. Besides, she thinks it’s unlikely that they live in colonies.
  • A mouse colony then? Mom says that it’s sometimes better not to know things. Eh????
  • A treasure of gold and silver, from pirates or smugglers? Mom says that this is Finland. Highly unlikely.
  • An old murder mystery, a body, and our house will be cursed until we open the shed? Mom says I had too much cat nip. Bah.

Help me out here! Why are humans not curious enough to BREAK IN and find out?

The Door of Mercy

cats and closed doors

We were thrilled when we read the latest number of The Tower Times. We so agree with Kitty Cat Chronicles and NUCAT (National Unit of Cats):

….doors should become extinct. No more doors!!! We should be able to enter any room or closet we desire at any time.

cats have different personalitiesYou know, there was this one room in granny’s flat – its door was always closed. I don’t know how many hours we’ve been sitting in front of this door, waiting, begging for mercy. And then, on our last evening, the magic happened.

Grandpa: I’ve a special plan for tonight. I’ll open the door for those poor cats.  It’s their last evening here,  and I think they’ve deserved a very special treat.

Isn’t he wonderful? Mamma laughed and said he’s childish, but we think he’s the best grandpa ever! And yes, it was also him who defended us when we destroyed this expensive wallpaper! So why again can’t he live with us in Finland?

You can tell from Tessa’s tail how exited she was when she entered the room. Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I’m also curious, but I’m keeping my strategy: Curiosity killed the long-haired cat. So let’s see what happens to Tessa first…

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