Clever cat

Enhanced Working Conditions

I admit that Tessa knows how to exploit Mom’s addiction to fur and warmth. However, Tessa’s paying a high prize because she endures physical contact. I again invented an improved concept for making Mom stay on the sofa.


The blanket protects me from human smells and intimacy while I’ve still full control of her body. And look at the shape of my den – cozy and alike expensive cat beds Mom would never buy for us.


Oh yes. You may call me Feline Sapiens now.

kajsa nov2015

You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine

Can you believe that Mom seriously thought that it was too difficult to jump onto the fridge?? Well. Kajsa was on the fridge a minute after she came to our new kitchen for the first time, and it’s been one of the most popular spots ever since. The surface was of course way too hard for our delicate bellies, so we made Mom give us her acupressure mat. Right… as if she’d ever used it, haha. Why do humans invent uncomfortable mattresses??


There’s a very tiny time frame when the sun is shining on this spot. The silly human is so surprised that I know exactly when the sun will come around.


I’ll go the kitchen at about 2 pm, but of course only when the sun is shining. Why is this so amazing? Does she think I’m stupid? Why should I keep sunshine timetables on a rainy day? I’m a very important and busy cat, and have lots of things to do, it’s hard as it is to find time for my afternoon nap on sunny days.


Oh yes, just look at this gorgeous paw, the burning paw of power, ready to rule over the world, and especially over all silly male cats up North.


It’s a pity that the dark time of the year has just begun, but I’m hoping for a sunny 2 pm nap every now and then.

tessa nov2015

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