On Watch

Mom thinks that we live in a safe and peaceful environment. I often envy her lack of concern, because we’re facing several enemies attacking our fortress.

First of all, nasty Mr. Vacuum Cleaner managed to sneak into the moving van. We don’t know when this happened, but we suspect it was while we were locked in the bedroom as we take our watching duties very seriously. Secondly, the groundskeeper at our new place. He foolishly believes the dog from the first floor is his enemy, but is unaware of the feline force in the second floor.

And then we’ve random construction workers thinking that our territory is restricted to human property. Apparently, the mafia boss behind all these activities is called The City of Helsinki. Lord City of Helsinki has many players, and Mom is always surprised that I can distinguish them from random pedestrians. Of course I started snarling before they were making noise! Mom didn’t even recognize that the enemy had arrived when I gave the alarm.



This happened yesterday, and I really needed to rest today. Tessa was on watch when a white van showed up on the road-where-cars-aren’t-allowed. Excellent move to drive a white car in the snow – but of course Tessa spotted the enemy right away.


Mom said that those people aren’t enemies, but from our electricity supplier and probably doing important maintenance work …. suck. There’s a reason why we never promoted her from her current position as a domestic servant. Imagine the damage she could do as a security guard!


kajsa nov2015