Circle Training

We really love the groundplan of our new residence because you can walk in circles!


Mom’s shrink says that Mom should try to do more sports, and of course we want to support her as good as we can. That’s why we demand that Mom is doing her daily circle training: we want her to run with a string toy from the living room through the kitchen to the bedroom and through the hall to the living room to the kitchen to … It’s a wonderful family event! Mom runs, Tessa runs after her to catch the string toy, and Kajsa runs after Tessa to chase the toy from her.


Our second discipline includes a ball. Mom throws a ball from the living room though the kitchen to the bedroom, and we run a race to be first. We then want Mom to come and throw the ball through the hall to the living room. It’s a great variation to the string-toy-circle-training: Mom doesn’t have to run that much, but getting the ball is great exercise. Sometimes she just has to bend down, but she also needs to stretch and crawl because the ball gets somehow often under furniture.

Intruder K. claims to be a good friend of Moms, and you should think that she only wants the best for her. Can you believe that she thinks that Mom’s nuts because she’s running in circles through the apartment???


tessa und kajsa nov2015