cats and mental health


My shrink decided to change my meds – which is probably a good idea in the long run, but not funny for the moment.

I’m so tired, but at the same time suffering from insomnia. I wished I could sleep through the night. Ok, this is one of the reasons my psychiatrist wanted to change my medication, so I can’t blame the transition of old to new meds for that.

My nursing staff is most excellent.

Warmth, love, coziness. Something to laugh about, and a reason to keep up. I’m lucky enough to have family and friends, but they don’t live with me. And they certainly don’t need me to go to the kitchen to feed them. It’s often hardest to get up, to do something at all, but when I’m already in the kitchen, I fix some food for me too.


Weekly review – week 14 (2015)

My feline week

What a week! Last week was a crazy feline week, whilst I now had a crazy blogging one: the A to Z challenge started on Wednesday. It’s a lot of fun, but also very intensive. I’m reading a lot of blogs and try to come up with post titles for the letter of the day. A was for feline artwork, B for murderer in my bedroom, C for cats and computers, and D for getting things done. In short: my godchild drew a header for my blog. I believed that cats can prevent computer rage behavior, but I got very frustrated when I uploaded my new header. Voldemort was almost causing a heart attack, but at least my furniture is stable now. (more…)

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