Cats and laundry

I want a fish tank, not a bag of towels!

This is me on one of my favorite spots at our old place. I always checked our fish tank when Mom was doing the laundry. And yes, I was sleeping there even though the noise was loud, at least in the beginning. It always started with a warm and vibrating massage, but after an hour the noise became too heavy.

Mom made two big mistakes when signing the lease for our “new” apartment. 1. She forgot to check for squirrels! 2. We don’t have a fish tank anymore!

Bummer. Mom says that our house has a huge laundry room which she can use for free.  Our bathroom is too small for a washing machine, but apparently we don’t need one here…. Bah. What’s about me??

Mom thought she could make it up by offering me a bag full of tumble-dried towels. We didn’t have a dryer at our old place, but she had read somewhere that we cats like tumble-dried clothes. I was of course ignoring her offer. I’m a very busy and important cat, and my duties are enormous, who’s for example doing my balcony duties when I take a dryer break??

Oh, and she seriously doesn’t suggest that I cut down on my extensive litter tray sessions?

I want a fish tank. Not tumble-dried clothes. So I went to have a good nap on the book shelf after the last picture and ignored her “precious” bag.


Laundry Day

The lazy human finally emptied this very compelling laundry bin, and I moved in immediately.

cat wants laundry bag as her new bed

Hm. She says that I’m on the wrong side because I’m too dark for light-colored laundry?

cat is hiding in laundry basket

Sigh. And of course Kajsa had some objections as well.

cat in laundry basket

Ok then, I’ll change sides. Oh, and don’t you complain about blurry pictures! And why are you laughing?

cat is playing in laundry basket

How did you see that coming???

cat plays with laundry bag

Whatever. I’m on the dark side now, hehe: a great base camp for my regime. Now, get me some treats!

cats on laundry day


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