Bathroom Issues

Mom’s been closing the bathroom door ever since Intruder K. stepped into our Queendom because humans don’t like sharing bathroom noises and smells. Isn’t it an international law that girls go to the bathroom together? At least we love to join Mom: Tessa often uses the litter box next to Mom’s while I ensure some quality lap time.

As most cats, we don’t like closed doors, so we don’t want to be with Mom in the bathroom when the door is closed. I also take my time to decide whether I want to go to the bathroom at all, and I want to make this important decision on the doorstep.

You should think that K. does enough damage by forcing Mom to close the door, but it gets worse!

  1. K. thinks it’s silly that Mom “allows” me to be on her lap.
  2. K. thinks that Mom’s totally nuts because we’ve a highly developed routine.


You know, it’s very hard to jump directly from the floor on Mom’s lap. I’ve to jump onto the flush behind Mom, go to the sink, balance on its edge and eventually jump on Mom’s lap. It’s a torture I can’t go through every time, so I’m meowing until Mom lifts me up. But that’s not the only thing Mom has to do: I don’t like her skin, so she has to put up her trousers as far as possible. She also has to lift her legs (“stand” on her toes) – I want the slope to be towards her belly, not the floor.

I don’t understand why our bathroom routines are any of K.’s business. Can you believe that she even wanted to take our freedom of speech? K. says that Mom shouldn’t allow me to blog on this topic because “snuggling with your cat on your lap while relieving yourself” is not the kind of thing to share online. Well…. I’m sure she has not read many cat blogs?


kajsa nov2015