Cat-proofing my home

cat proof fridge1. Fridge

I’ve to declutter the top of my fridge. A cat can easily jump onto the fridge from the microwave. I could probably avoid that by removing the shelf next to the fridge, but the fridge could be a nice place for my cats. They can even look out the window when sitting on the fridge.

I first thought about putting some pillows there, but I read that this could cause a fire: pillows and blankets could fall behind the fridge and block the air circulation. I’m not sure whether cats actually need a comfy surface. A basket with a pillow would be a great alternative if I make sure that the pillow can’t fall out. I’m wondering though if it’s too difficult to jump onto the fridge when a big basket is on top of the fridge.

A hammock would certainly be the best option, but I’d need to make some deep holes in the wooden ceiling. I’m only a tenant here and it’ll be impossible to kit the holes when I move out. Sigh. (more…)

How cats can improve mental health, part 1. Housekeeping

So far, this week hasn’t been my best. My mental condition varies quite often; there are good and bad days. It’s really nice to see that the good days become more and more frequent, but the last days have been the opposite. I was eager about this blog and social media, but didn’t manage to do anything else. I hardly slept, I didn’t eat healthy and I was staring most of the time. Ok, compared to last year, it’s great that I’m eager about something. There were times when I didn’t care for anything at all. (more…)

The cat is still in the bag

cat-bagNow this is embarrassing. I spent a lot of time starting this blog. I outlined quite a few postings to test if I’ve enough material for a blog. However, I somehow ‘forgot’ that you don’t know me. That you can’t know what my upcoming postings will deal with. No wonder it’s confusing what I really want to say: do I like cats? Have I decided whether I want cats? Thank you, Timmy Tomcat, for making me aware of that!

Bottom line: Until recently, I haven’t cared for cats. Ashley (and no, this blog is not about our friendship) texted me the other day: It’s funny, you were never interested in my cats and now you’ve become a crazy cat lady. This message says it all: (more…)

Sharon van Etten – We Are Fine

cat-in-a-box… may be a good soundtrack to this posting.

As we all know by now, my shrink is earning money on me. And she is sometimes even having fun whilst working, because I’m a very ironic person. However, we’re both aware that I often need to laugh difficult topics away; that’s just my way of dealing with things. Which of course doesn’t mean I think it’s funny that our cats are lost. Ok, the cat from hell incident, where Ashley’s cat Mickey scared me to death, is funny.

Unfortunately, the story of Ashley and her cats neither had a happy end, because her mother didn’t like cats. One day, when Ashley got home, the cats were gone for good. To the local animal shelter. Ashley was crossed, but couldn’t do anything about it. She was still going to school and couldn’t afford living on her own.

I tried to comfort her. I really felt sorry for her. I understood that she was very sad, but I guess I never truly understood how she really felt. Cats didn’t mean anything to me and I had difficulties to relate to her feelings. I hope she still felt that I was there for her. I’d like to give her a hug now, but the distance between us isn’t anymore 200 km, but 2000 km (1.300 miles).

Why is everyone so crazy about cats?

I really didn’t get it for a very long time.

When I was a teenager, I had a pen pal named Ashley. Yes, those were the days before internet. We wrote letters. A lot of letters. After a while, my parents allowed me to visit her. Ashley lived about 200 km (120 miles) from my hometown. Really far away. Yes, those were the days where I neither had money nor a driver license.

Ashley had two cats, Mickey and Charley. Charley was a bit stupid (sorry) and crazy about Ashley’s father (probably two unrelated facts). Mickey was keener on Ashley. I had nothing against Mickey and Charley, but wasn’t interested either. Mickey used to sleep in Ashley’s room – well, to be more precise – pretended to do so. I remember waking up from a nightmare during my first night. I opened my eyes, was terrified and had difficulties to recognize where I was. What shall I say – it didn’t really help that something was staring at me. Something or somebody was just 2 steps ahead, watching me with green big eyes. No movements, no sounds. I had totally forgotten about the damn cats. I started screaming. Somehow very effective, I may say – the green eyes disappeared immediately! On the downside, Ashley started screaming, but that’s another story.

Are they hungry?

Wait a moment – I actually do have a third cat-related memory: much later (well, whatever this means for a child) my sister, my mom and I were talking a walk in the forest. I planned to put some ham behind a tree; just in case the cats were hungry. I don’t remember if I actually did that. If I know my mom – probably not.

After that, I haven’t cared for cats for many years. I just wasn’t interested. I even forgot that our family ever had cats.

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