A starter set for cat newbies

what you need to buy for a catOnly a short update, I’m busy catifying my home.

I bought some food, a window screen, a second cat litter and transport bag. I don’t really know how good all these products are, but I’ve to start somewhere.

I asked the shelter what food they’re using. They told me that they don’t give any particular food: 1. most of the food is donated and 2. they want to avoid that the cats will get used to one brand. Great. I’ll try to continue that procedure and bought different brands.

The amount of information and opinions on cat food is overwhelming for a newbie. The main message seems to fit to common sense though: as much meat / fish / chicken as possible, at least 90%. It feels weird to give wheat, rice or sugar to a cat. I mainly bought wet food, but also some dry food. It makes sense to give wet food, but I’ll have some dry food in addition. I know that this is a very controversial topic, but as I said before: I’ve to start somewhere, and I guess I didn’t make the worst choice. This is just a starter set, I’m sure I’ll eventually find the best food for my cats.

I’ll try to be as much offline as possible, because I’ve got a long To Do List:

  • Clean the house. (I know, cats are not too picky about that. I just want to avoid vacuuming during their first days – seems like many cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners)
  • Install the window screen in the kitchen. (The kitchen is at the same time my living room. I’ll eventually have window screens in all rooms, but I don’t need to do that now. Summer hasn’t come yet, and I can ventilate the other rooms whilst the cats are in the first floor)
  • Repair the Pisa shelf
  • Remove all my plants

…. and much more. I’m eager about starting this process, I want to get my cats as soon as possible. I’m so excited!