My spoiled cats get a room of their own!

Thank you for all your opinions on my second floor! I admit that I didn’t like them, because I wanted to give Kajsa and Tessa access to potential playgrounds. So I did something very unusual; I tried to solve a problem by asking others for favors.  I talked with my landlord, and I’m so stunned: I will install a cat flap into the door between the staircase and the first cold room! I’m so happy that I asked. The doors are from 1890, and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t like the idea of cat flaps, but he said that this particular door isn’t a problem.

I decided to keep the study for myself, meaning cat-free. The second cold room will be a storage for all the stuff we don’t need and should probably throw away. So my spoiled cats will have their very own room of 35 m2 / 380 ft2!

A lot of work needs to be done:

  • Tidy up the second cold room, it’s really trashed
  • Remove everything from the first cold room to the second cold room
  • Make my neighbor help me with the furniture
  • Make my neighbor “help me” (I’ll be an excellent spectator and admirer) to install the cat flap.

We’re doing fine otherwise. I’m still very tired, and not up to poopy posts and other blogging activity. Sorry, Kajsa, you really tried to look as angry as you could, but I’m too tired today.

angry cat