Sovereign Power

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Our new staff K. was very tired tonight. Mom wanted to watch some more tv, but K. persuaded her to go to bed as well. They both sleep in Mom’s king size bed, and K. sleeps on my favorite spot next to Mom!! So unfair.

So here’s what I did: I placed myself on Mom’s side of the bed, next to K., and looked as cute as I could while Mom was in the bathroom. When she came to the bedroom, K. asked her to go back to the living room to watch her silly tv show: K. prefered to sleep next to me instead of Mom. So now we’ve got the big bed to ourselves. Mom is expelled and writes this post for me. Oh yes, kitties, I can definitely recommend Australian staff.

Old picture. K. didn’t allow Mom to take a picture because she was afraid that I’d go away.



tessa nov2015