Silly humans

You know when your human is coming home, looks at you and is very excited? And you don’t know what to think, because – um – anything could happen now? She may even turn your home into a farm and expect you to snuggle up in hay? And then you remember that she had been to the library? And last time she was there, she came home with a lot of books on footprints, and you thought that she wanted to help you prey? And that you had to learn the hard way that she only wanted to find out who was walking in the snow, but stuck to her vegetarian diet?

Turned out that she borrowed 3 (!) books on clicker training. Ok, to be fair, she only wants to read one, but needs to flick through the books to decide which. Haha. Good thing she doesn’t know that all books are written by the same author, but published under 3 pseudonyms. It’s of course a genius cat who wrote books for humans to make them believe that they can train cats. Oh, how we’re laughing, what a silly idea!  Humans tend to need a reason to give us cats treats, so the real author just wrote a lot of flim-flam to make both sides happy.

Some of you may remember that Mom did some “training” with us at some point, but unfortunately it never became a regular happening. We now had a break for over a year! Her New Year’s resolution was to teach us tricks (well…), so she’s eager to get started. Maybe a bit too eager, hehe.