Kajsa is recovering!

Hallelujah! I had no idea what was waiting me when I decided to get cats! I’m actually quite proud of myself: I wasn’t hysterical yesterday, but stayed calm. I’m definitely progressing – a hairball freaked me out when I took Kajsa and Tessa home, and now I was able to deal with a potential overdose. Thank you, The 3 Cats and Punapippuri for helping me yesterday! And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it was great to know that I wasn’t lonely. You really warmed my heart.

First of all and most important: Kajsa is much better!

sick cat recoveringShe ate a lot, more than she normally does. She was stressing me when I made breakfast and was apparently close to starving. At least from a cat’s point of view; humans may think that one full bowl works for breakfast, but she wanted a second before she even touched the first. So we’re back to the normal craziness of living with cats. She has also done some washing today, she was too tired for that yesterday. She’s still a bit weak though and very tired. She tried to play with her ball for 2 minutes, but was too exhausted to catch it. I can tell from her eyes that she’s still sick, but she’s so much better than yesterday! She slept most parts of the day, but she doesn’t want to be alone anymore – my chest was her favorite spot today.

So I think I was doing the right thing yesterday. Punapippuri made an important point: if Tessa is ok, the dose is unlikely fatale. Anyways, it was too late for stomach pumping, and I considered rest and no stress more important than seeing a vet. It worked out, and I’m so relieved. Kajsa woke me up tonight, because she was licking my hand and purring on my belly – I wished I always felt so happy when I wake up.

They didn’t get an overdose

I got to talk to a vet today. Turned out that I haven’t given them an overdose; the vet’s prescription was ok. I overlooked an important aspect when I read the package insert. Now this is a bit embarrassing when I think about the fuss I made yesterday. However, this is a blog – and I want my blog to be authentic, so I try to forget that I feel ashamed. And what am I actually writing here? It’s great that they didn’t get an overdose! This is great news!

Nevertheless, the vet and I agreed upon two things: first, they got the maximum dose which was probably too much for Kajsa. Second, Kajsa was showing severe reactions to the meds. We agreed that I won’t continue the treatment. Their diarrhea was already much better before I started the medication, so they most likely didn’t need the meds in the first place. I can still consider whether I’ll try to give them a lower dose in case they don’t recover.

I’ve to post two more pictures, because I’m so relieved and happy that she’s doing better today.

sick catrecovering cat