Should I adopt a kitten or an adult cat?

kitten in my bedI sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who isn’t crazy about kittens.
Ok, I know I’m not alone: Pawesome Cats gives us 5 reasons to adopt an older cat. Adorable Rascal and Rocco were adopted as adults and tell us why adopting adult cats could be the best decision of your life. Too tired to read? Nevermind, Cole&Marmalade made a YouTube video on senior cats:

I wrote my thoughts on adult cats versus kittens before I was googling for other opinions. I was a bit afraid that I was wrong; after all, I don’t know much about cats. It turned out that all pages list my three major motivations for adopting grown-up cats:

  • Less work
  • Screen for personality
  • Rescue cats

Of course – kittens are absolutely adorable. You can make sure they won’t have any conditions due to former traumatic experiences. However, kittens need a lot of time, attention and patience. It feels like I’m not a good match for a kitten, because I’ve some serious problems taking care of myself. That’s why I definitely don’t need kittens in my household. Besides, they grow very fast; the question “kitten or cat” is not a drastic one. These few months just don’t seem to be worth the effort.

Maybe this sounds harmful and some will certainly ask themselves whether I should get cats at all. Here’s why I believe I’ll be a good cat owner: I’m looking forward to giving attention, love and patience to my new feline fellows. I’m fully capable of feeding them and cleaning cat litters. However, I see our relationship rather as a flat-sharing community than a family with small children. They live their lives, I live mine. Don’t get me wrong, of course I don’t want a marriage of convenience! See also How many cats? and Why cats are the best animals.

Another benefit of getting adult cats is the possibility to search for character and personal chemistry. You can’t know how an adorable kitten will be as a grown-up. Maybe another home would be a better match for this specific cat? Ok, at its best, this is a nice theory. You can never know how any relationship will develop. If we could, divorce lawyers would be unemployed. Besides, growing up and developing your own personality, is usually not an isolated process – the relationship between kitten and human will most likely have a considerate impact.

When it comes to the third point of my list, I’m not sure if I’m fooling myself. I’d love to rescue cats. Older cats face big difficulties since the majority of new cat owners prefer to adopt kittens. That being said, I’m a bit afraid of adopting senior cats. As I’ve mentioned earlier, my financial situation is quite bad. My friends and family have to lend me money in the event of sudden vet costs. If I had been economically independent, I wouldn’t mind adopting senior cats. It feels like I should decrease the risks of more bills. I assume that senior cats are more likely in the need of medical treatment than ‘middle-aged’ or young adults.