Shopping Queens

Thank you so much for your warm welcome! We’ll tell more about our new residence soon!

We’ve now lived with Mom for 1,5 years, and you should think that she got used to our gracious looks and enormous brain capacity. So why is she so surprised when we know that she’s about ordering food? Zooplus is the biggest international pet supplies store in Europe, and of course we recognize their webpages.


Feline friends – it definitely pays off being cuddly and very sweet when your humans are shopping for you. We find that Mom’s more likely to buy treats when we’re purring next to her keyboard. Caution! This is one of the rare occasions when you mustn’t occupy laptops! Stay next to it!

We don’t understand why Mom thinks that we’re spoiled rotten – and why this is a bad thing.

P.S. If you’re also a Zooplus customer, make sure to read their mails carefully. Zooplus has already changed terms and condition of their saving scheme in some countries. You can disapprove if you don’t like the new rules – the old terms and conditions will then continue to apply to your account.


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