O as in Overwhelmed. Exciting times

There’s so much going on that Kajsa, Tessa and I feel a bit overwhelmed. We were overwhelmed with joy, but had also difficulties to cope. Let’s start with the fun part!

  • Thank you for all your wishes! I had a check-up today, and my blood samples have radically improved! The doctor was satisfied. She told me to continue taking my meds and that I should rest. So now I don’t have a choice, I need to take it easy.
  • I got my very first blog award!! Thank you, 15andmeowing! Worst thing: I didn’t even see it, Ellen had to tell me about my award. To make things even more embarrassing: I had actually commented on this very post of hers. I blame her cat Phoebe though; she was really showing off in this post and distracted me. This is not only the first award of my blog, but even of my life, and I’m very proud. I also really liked why I got this award: Ellen thinks my blog is “inspirational”, because I’m very careful in my process of adopting Kajsa and Tessa.
  • I’ve to confess that I feel overwhelmed with the Inspirational Blog Award. I’m tired and not very inspirational today, so I decided to save the award for my Weekly Review on Sunday. My meds are quite heavy, and I need to rest now. I’m looking forward to follow the rules of my award, but it’s not fun doing that today.

Display the award on our blog. Nominate 15 Blogs that inspire you and let them know on their blog comments. and link to them. List 3 things that have inspired you in the last week.

  • cat is comfortingKajsa was really wonderful yesterday. This feeling when you had a really bad day at the emergency room, and someone is so happy to see you…
  • Only 5 days until I can take my girls home! It’s a bit confusing though. One person told me yesterday that Kajsa’s and Tessa’s ears were clean. Another person showed me today how to clean their ears, and asked me to do that once a week. Hm. Let’s see what the vet will say on Tuesday. I’m still optimistic that I can take them home on Wednesday, because the shelter apparently trusts me to continue their treatment.

Tessa’s and Kajsa’s cage was open today. I think we were all overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Our first reaction was quizzical, and that’s also this week’s topic of 52 Snapshots of Life – a weekly themed photo challenge.

cats in animal shelter
Tessa was brave and took advantage of the opportunity. Kajsa was watching her, but didn’t dare to follow her. You can see Tessa sitting on the window board at the farthest end.rescue cat cage

Kajsa decided to stay inside…rescue cat doesnt dare to go out

… whilst Tessa was enjoying herself. shelter cats looking through the window

Suddenly, even Kajsa went out, but she stayed very close to the cage.shy rescue cats

I’m feeling honored that she wasn’t afraid of me.

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