Shaved Legs

Ever since Mom has seen pictures of Sphynx* cats, she’s been wondering how our skin looks like. However, we never thought she’d go so far to shave us!! Oh, the horror when we discovered that the evil vet did not only steal parts of our teeth, but also fur!

shaved legs of cat for anesthesia

Our human says the vet shaved our legs because we needed infusions, but we’re not convinced. Maybe this vet has a secret additional income by selling our warm, soft, delicate and most beautiful fur?! We should at least get a big paycheck for all the hours we’ve spent washing our fur to keep it smooth and fluffy!

vet shaves long-haired cat for surgery

Our silly human is still wondering about our skin color. We’ve both white skin, and so do all cats Mom has ever met. Some Sphynx and Peterblad cats have darker skin colors, but have you ever met a cat with dark skin (except Peterblad and Sphynx cats)?


*In case you’ve never heard of Sphynx / Peterblad cats: a cat breed without fur