Sharon van Etten – We Are Fine

cat-in-a-box… may be a good soundtrack to this posting.

As we all know by now, my shrink is earning money on me. And she is sometimes even having fun whilst working, because I’m a very ironic person. However, we’re both aware that I often need to laugh difficult topics away; that’s just my way of dealing with things. Which of course doesn’t mean I think it’s funny that our cats are lost. Ok, the cat from hell incident, where Ashley’s cat Mickey scared me to death, is funny.

Unfortunately, the story of Ashley and her cats neither had a happy end, because her mother didn’t like cats. One day, when Ashley got home, the cats were gone for good. To the local animal shelter. Ashley was crossed, but couldn’t do anything about it. She was still going to school and couldn’t afford living on her own.

I tried to comfort her. I really felt sorry for her. I understood that she was very sad, but I guess I never truly understood how she really felt. Cats didn’t mean anything to me and I had difficulties to relate to her feelings. I hope she still felt that I was there for her. I’d like to give her a hug now, but the distance between us isn’t anymore 200 km, but 2000 km (1.300 miles).