Self Made Cat Grass Dispenser

Mom used to keep our cat grass on top of a cupboard we didn’t have access to (bah),  and offered it only under supervision. She had to secure the soil with her fingers while we plucked the grass: if she didn’t, the grass would fall out of its container and become a mess. And ahem, of course it was also fun to play with it.

There aren’t any “safe” spots with daylight at our new place, so she wanted to build a cat-proof grass pot. One day she was extremely satisfied with herself, and started one of her carpenter projects. I was of course suspicious.

What you need

– a deep picture frame (wooden)
– a container that fits into the picture frame
– chicken wire

It’s probably easiest to buy the picture frame first and keep looking for pots. Be creative, ours is an ashtray!

How to build the cat grass dispenser

– nail / screw the chicken wire to the frame
– find a solution how to fix the glass of the picture frame at the bottom. (Keep in mind that you’ve to remove it every time you plant new grass!)

If you a really lucky, you can use the original mechanism. You could also use nails to hold the glass, but this didn’t work out for us. Mom eventually gave up and taped the glass to the frame. She also thought about replacing the glass with wooden material (so much easier to work with!). However, you have to water grass, and glass is a perfect material for moisture.

Oh yes, this is perfect! The cat grass is on the window sill without getting into a mess. We’ve free access. The chicken wire keeps the soil and grass in place.

P.S. Since we’ve now written a post on cat grass: Mom waters grass with a spray bottle to equally spread the water. She doesn’t need to apply the water directly on the soil – she pretends that it’s “raining” and sprays the grass.


Full disclosure: Mom didn’t come up with this idea, but she doesn’t remember where she had heard about it. You know, somebody mentioned somewhere something…