Last preparations for The Big Journey

A huge parcel arrived last week, but I wasn’t too pleased – what’s that dog doing on our parcel??

cat doesn't like dogs
I hope there’s no dog inside?

cats love parcels
Curiosity may kill the cat, but I can’t resist. I like that Kajsa is standing in line, waiting for her turn. I’m in charge here! (Bah. I’m not as stupid as Tessa – I let her find out about the dog thing, but I’ll take over as soon as I know it’s safe /Kajsa)

cats standing in the line
Ok, no dog. Great. Now it’s my turn – what did Mamma order?

cat inspecting internet orders

new vari kennel box Oh, wonderful! A second bed! We’ve already got one, but we really needed a second! Don’t know why Mamma thinks I’m cute and naive, but I don’t care.


So yes, we’re leaving tomorrow! I’m sorry, I’ve been a bit behind in my blogging – I’ve prepared this travel for some weeks, such as vaccinations, pet passports and so on. I’ll eventually write more detailed posts, but I’m pretty busy right now. I think I’ve packed everything for the girls, not too sure about my stuff though. He. First things first.

Thank you for all your thoughts and crossed fingers / paws!