Polliwog for Jolly Mogs

Feline friends! Last week was very exciting because we got a parcel with Christmas presents from our friends in Northern Finland. You may wonder why we’re celebrating Christmas in February, but things are more complicated than that: the Finnish Postal Service tried to stage a coup! (Remember, you read it here first.)

The growing royal-feline alliance between Finland North and South apparently upsets Posti: they forgot to notify us of our parcel in December, and returned it eventually to the sender. We again sent a parcel to Punapippuri in January, and it got lost! Mom wrote a lot of emails and Posti has now found it. They say that Punapippuri will get our parcel in the beginning of this week … well. We’ve heart that before, haven’t we? So we need to be more careful with our plans to establish a feline royal dynasty in Finland. Posti is already on it!!

It’s good that we got presents to distract ourselves from these heavy domestic politics. Mom’s very happy about a calendar with all the celebrities of Punapippuri’s blog. Ok, she said that the calendar is for all of us, but I was far more interested in Polliwogs.

Cat loves valerian toys

I just had to check that Kajsa was upstairs

valerian toys for cats

… and then things got a bit out of control. Mom thinks she can see a Polliwog on this picture, but she isn’t sure.

cat loves valerian root

Oh yes, my mighty paws will take good care of this wonderful present. Thank you!

polliwog punapippuri


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