Plague Of Insects

Uh-oh. We better hide today as our human is furious. Ironically, she doesn’t accuse us of mischief, but because we haven’t done anything ! So unfair!

Some of you may remember that we cats don’t like catnip. Mom has tried to give our plants away, but only got rid of a few. First she was upset that nobody was interested in her catnip plants, but now she got mad because a big crowd is fighting for the best plant. Human logic. Doesn’t make any sense to us?

greenflies blackflies whiteflies on catnip plant

Oh yes, hundreds of aphids have invaded our apartment and are very thankful for our human’s cat mint plants!

Close up on aphids plant lice greenflies

Mom has become a serial killer and tried many ways to get rid of plant lice. She partly succeeded, but now lost her nerves and will kill all plants instead. Aphids are big players in the advertising industry as they’ve attracted many other critters; partly their natural enemies, but also insects who like honeydew. No, it’s not raining on this picture – our windows are full of honeydew!

plant lice aphids produce honeydew

Mom’s now afraid that ants will invade our apartment. Did you know that ants protect aphids from their natural enemies in exchange for honeydew? Talking of natural enemies – Mom would have loved to house a bunch of ladybugs, but they somehow never made it to our place. Sigh. She’s mad. Ladybugs are also insects, but in her opinion something totally different than ants, plant lice and flies.

She’ll dry as many plants as possible and give them away to other cats. Hehe, we wonder whether she’ll advertise the plant lice thing? She says it doesn’t matter because aphids are not interested in dried plants, but who knows?

Feline friends: if you want to get a letter from us with dried catnip plants (and maybe aphids), write an email to cat(at) . We’re very curious if we get any requests after telling that we cats didn’t like the catnip plants, but hundreds of aphids loved them, hehehe.