Feline financial consultant

Mom is such a nerd and keeps all receipts. Once a month, she goes through them to see whether she kept her budget and how she could improve her economy. I think she shouldn’t calculate “feline expenses”, but unfortunately, she has a budget for “everything and everyone”. Bah. I want more treats, more food, more toys and an enormous cat tree, so I prevented her from looking at the receipts.

Now that’s better. Let’s see what these letters contain – she may read some of them.


Toilet Paper Art

Nope. I’m not ashamed, Mom, and yes, I’d do it again.

Even Kajsa appreciates my hard work – note the empty roll in the background!! – so why can’t you?


To our most loyal readers: yes, these are old pictures from our old place, but we had long blog breaks so we need to catch up! So yesterdays pictures were also dated, and we’ll show some more posts with older stuff under the upcoming weeks.

Self Made Cat Grass Dispenser

Mom used to keep our cat grass on top of a cupboard we didn’t have access to (bah),  and offered it only under supervision. She had to secure the soil with her fingers while we plucked the grass: if she didn’t, the grass would fall out of its container and become a mess. And ahem, of course it was also fun to play with it.

There aren’t any “safe” spots with daylight at our new place, so she wanted to build a cat-proof grass pot. One day she was extremely satisfied with herself, and started one of her carpenter projects. I was of course suspicious.

What you need

– a deep picture frame (wooden)
– a container that fits into the picture frame
– chicken wire

It’s probably easiest to buy the picture frame first and keep looking for pots. Be creative, ours is an ashtray!

How to build the cat grass dispenser

– nail / screw the chicken wire to the frame
– find a solution how to fix the glass of the picture frame at the bottom. (Keep in mind that you’ve to remove it every time you plant new grass!)

If you a really lucky, you can use the original mechanism. You could also use nails to hold the glass, but this didn’t work out for us. Mom eventually gave up and taped the glass to the frame. She also thought about replacing the glass with wooden material (so much easier to work with!). However, you have to water grass, and glass is a perfect material for moisture.

Oh yes, this is perfect! The cat grass is on the window sill without getting into a mess. We’ve free access. The chicken wire keeps the soil and grass in place.

P.S. Since we’ve now written a post on cat grass: Mom waters grass with a spray bottle to equally spread the water. She doesn’t need to apply the water directly on the soil – she pretends that it’s “raining” and sprays the grass.


Full disclosure: Mom didn’t come up with this idea, but she doesn’t remember where she had heard about it. You know, somebody mentioned somewhere something…

Mysterious Curtain Incident

Feline friends! Do you sometimes also feel fooled by your humans?

Mom started talking to herself when she came to the living room. “What has now happened to the curtains? Was this really necessary??? Who was that?? Ah, there you’re, Kajsa. What have you girls done?”

I know I shouldn’t have listened to her soliloquy, but I wanted to help her finding out what had happened to OUR curtains.

Nope. There’s no one behind the curtains, so it’s hard to tell what happened here.

You should think that she’d be grateful for my help, but she kept complaining “Oh, so you’re returning to the crime scene now, stop playing with my curtains, you silly little thing!”

WHAT??? How did this curtain thing become my fault? Shouldn’t she suspect Tessa who’s sleeping in the closet? No, Mom, she’s not innocently sleeping, but exhausted from a long night …


Climbing like a squirrel

Feline friends!

I was climbing my favorite tree, looking forward to some poultry, but those stupid birdies hopped to the next tree as soon as I got up. Bah. I decided to take a short cut: to climb from one tree crown to another. I know that squirrels can do that, so why shouldn’t I?


Look, Mom, that’s why we have tails – we can balance our bodies.

Can’t understand why Mom stopped admiring me. Can you believe that she started playing with her phone? She said she was very afraid, but that she would only make things worse if she started shouting. Silly human. I’m a very talented climber, I can climb like a squirrel, look!!! Oops. Help.

Well, ok, I better get down. I know that Mom has treats in her pockets and she looks like she’d really love to give me some as long as I come down, hehe.


Reality Check: our favorite spots

Thank you for all your compliments! Mom’s very flattered, which is great for us, because it’ll hopefully motivate her to build more furniture for us. Nevertheless, we’re a normal feline household. No amount of fancy ladders will change our 3 most favorite spots:

3. Mom’s pillow / blanket / spot on the sofa as soon as she gets up.

2. Mom’s lap when she’s doing her needs.

and of course, Number 1:

Her laptop.

Oh, and yes, sorry Mom, those are far more popular than your belly or lap outside the bathroom.


Self Made Cat Ladder

Huhu. The year is going to its end and we totally forgot to show you all the peaks of our “new” place!

Mom’s very proud of her carpenter skills, so we allowed her to boast about some of her works. First off is the former pink hell. She bought on Ebay a massive pink ladder for 5€ (5$) . It was probably that cheap because pink is not a very popular color when it comes to ladders, hehe.


She removed every second step. She then joined two steps to an angle to give us something to sit on.



She got finally use of stuff she had bought about a year ago: a rope ladder with wooden round steps and a long blue rope. Mom twisted the blue rope around the wooden slippery steps to give us a better grip, and nailed the rope ladder to the pink-hell ladder.


White paint beat the pink hell and some extra rope eases our climbing work. She also secured the ladder with some screws to the cupboard.


You may wonder why we need the pink hell white ladder as we already have a climbing tree next to the cupboard. Well, Kajsa is the boss at our place, and Tessa isn’t always allowed to climb over Kajsa to get on top of the cupboard. Now we have two accesses to the top of the climbing tree and cupboard. In fact, Mom always tries to give Tessa an emergency exit because she’s afraid that Tessa gets stuck somewhere.


Oh yes, Mom’s very proud of herself, and we’ve to admit that she did a good job. It’s fun climbing on the ladder and Tessa is often using the other exit. Mom’s also happy that the ladder melts into the interior. Good for her – we don’t care so much whether the ladder is pink or white.


Well, there’s one thing Mom doesn’t like about the ladder – it gives us access to the shelving, hehe. It’s so much fun to tilt books!


Tampon Cats

One night we were having so much fun that we forgot that we mustn’t play on the human bed at night. Mom turned on the lights and couldn’t believe her eyes: tampons everywhere!


How could she hide such a wonderful toy from us?? It’s been one of our most favorite toys ever since, and you should also try it out! According to Google, it’s a popular cat toy worldwide! So yes, we have male cat litter although we love to play with female human “litter accessories”.

It’s strange though, we get the impression that Mom wants to keep it a secret that she sometimes buys tampons?? She tries to collect all tampons before we get visitors, but she somehow always forgets one or two …


tessa und kajsa nov2015

The Black Male Cat Among Us

Wait. Why do we have Spitty’s litter? (He’s male, his fur is black, and we assume that he smells, so it must be his?)


“Acts against strong male cat urine”.

So this woman didn’t buy an advent calendar for us because The commercial world is full of strange products, but male litter is something to invest money in? Bah.


tessa und kajsa nov2015


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