Petite Boxing Day

We’ve great news! Mom became nocturnal and spends her nights with us! She doesn’t appreciate her new style of life though, and says that it isn’t funny to cough all night. However, she’s feeling better for each day, so don’t feel sorry for her (it only makes her lazy and demanding). Thank you for all your greetings and wishes: Mom will answer you soon.

Now to the important part – it’s Boxing Day! All boxes belong to cats, so it’s today we celebrate Catmas. I wanted to go petite this year.

Mom thinks that this box is too small for me…. I don’t agree.

Told ya!


Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! Finally – do you remember that Germans traditionally decorate on Dec 24th?? Oh yes, Granny already had some angels and Santa , but now the good stuff shows up.

Mom is very sick and coughing on the sofa, so I thought that I’d help Granny instead. She often laughs when she sees me, so I guess she’ll be happy to get some helping paws.

Talking of helping paws: you probably know that many Europeans celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Mom’s family will meet at her brother’s place at about 5 pm. Mom is feeling so bad that she thinks about staying at home with Kajsa and me. Sounds like a great plan to us, but her family wants her to come so that Mom isn’t alone on Christmas Eve.

Alone?!? Mom tried to tell her family that she has wonderful company, but apparently we are “only two cats” and don’t count. ??

About flying angels and a climbing Santa

We are young and innocent cats, and we’re still learning about this Christmas thing. We were thrilled when we heard rumors about this climbing Santa dude and flying angels – who would have thought that these guys were so much fun??

myths about christmas

Oops. This angel can’t fly?

katze schmeisst weihnachtsengel um

Oh. Santa can’t climb?

katzen lassen weihnachtsdeko nicht in ruhe

Very weird. This angel can’t fly EITHER?

katze und weihnachtsdeko

Good morning, Mom, great that you’re awake, we wanted to ask why …. WHAT are you grumbling? … Yes, we played with the angels and Santa, but …. WHAT??????

Feline friends – can you believe she got angry that we tilted Granny’s Christmas ornaments again ? We mean – WHO said that they can fly and climb?? He???

tessa und kajsa nov2015

The Cardboard House

You know when your human is really excited and gets a lot of things from different rooms such as tape, a bread knife (best saw for cardboard), scissors, strings, boxes, a chair that you can turn into a ladder, pillows, blankets and a camera to document every bit of it? And you’re like Oh well, as long as she doesn’t take my scratching pad?

I guess I’m lucky that she also left the green armchair in peace.

I dunno why Mom is looking at me with joy and anticipation, but I’m quite comfy here. I’d appreciate if she’d deal with Granny though – she started complaining that “her” living room looks worse than it did when Mom was a kid and had her toys spread all over the place?


None of these rules apply to Grandma

What, Mom? I know that I never sit on your lap. I like it when you lay down, but your lap is not good enough for me. Granny’s again is perfect, I want to sit here for hours! Now get lost and leave us alone.

You may continue tickling me now, Granny, I think I made my point.


Action for Catisfaction

Did you know that Dreamies / Temptations are called Catisfaction in Germany? A funny name, but we’re not satisfied as long as this bag is closed.

Now that’s better.

Hmpf. Stupid Kajsa doesn’t want me to sniff.

Attack! Stupid Tessa is still on the table!

Hehe. It’s always the same with Kajsa. When our Queen of Drama gets annoyed, she throws a tantrum and disappears to sulk somewhere. It doesn’t matter what she was initially fighting for; a toy, Mom’s chest, the closet, treats…. She gets so angry that she doesn’t want it anymore.

So let’s get to the important part here…


How to scare Granny

Oh, I love this box on top of the cupboard. It’s one of my favorite beds, but why on earth did Mom put it there if she didn’t want me to sleep in it??

It’s not my fault that I have to jump on the kitchen table when I want to get down. And it’s not my fault that Granny likes to sit there with her crosswords. And it certainly isn’t my fault that she forgets that she’s two cats now, and that I like to sleep on the cupboard.

So when I jump on her crossword after some good hours sleep, and Granny starts behaving like slaughtered people in a horror movie, why does Mom look at me??????


We’re still alive and in Europe!

Feline friends! Thank you for all your thoughts yesterday (well, except for Punapippuri’s and Flynn’s comments)! When we heard people constantly complaining at our destination, we knew immediately that we were once again in Mäuschen-Germany. We mean, we like being at Granny’s, but we don’t like traveling.

The food was ok though

But Tessa was sulking on her favorite armchair.

Kajsa again made sure to catify Granny’s place, and opened every cupboard.

She was also interested in Granny’s Christmas decoration

Good thing that Grandpa bought extra glasses ……… (and no, obviously the candle wasn’t burning)

Hehehe. The terror regime has arrived!


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