Where to put the litter box?

I live in a strange old house. I really love living here, but the groundplan is sometimes driving me nuts a challenge. I tried to draw the first floor plan – I’m not sure whether all numbers and proportions are realistic, but you get the bigger picture. It’d be great if the litter box wasn’t in the kitchen, and here the real challenge begins.  The only place in the bathroom would be the shower. This could work, I’ve heard that many people do this. But wouldn’t it be great if everything had its own place? when-the-cat-is-away-houseMy blind ambitions will drive me to hell (hello, shrink?), because the hall is a nightmare. (more…)

How cats can improve mental health, part 1. Housekeeping

So far, this week hasn’t been my best. My mental condition varies quite often; there are good and bad days. It’s really nice to see that the good days become more and more frequent, but the last days have been the opposite. I was eager about this blog and social media, but didn’t manage to do anything else. I hardly slept, I didn’t eat healthy and I was staring most of the time. Ok, compared to last year, it’s great that I’m eager about something. There were times when I didn’t care for anything at all. (more…)

Funny cat games, anyone?

I need a break from all those cat considerations. Feels like I’m doing a scientific research on What to think about before getting cats. Maybe that’s what my shrink meant by saying that I spend too much time and energy on things? Well, she can be happy that I spend time and a lot of money on my therapy.

Maybe I should focus on why I wasn’t into cats earlier. Many years ago, my friend Ashley and her boyfriend got a kitten, Jeanny. To be honest, I didn’t like Jeanny. She was as crazy as kittens can be. I was actually a bit afraid of her, because she hurt me with her claws and tried to bite me. I know, she just wanted to play and felt probably very lonely, but I wasn’t into cat psychology back then. (more…)

Inside and outdoor cats

Øyhoppertur Mevær Fleinvær 14Sigh. I’m still a bit down because I’ll probably get indoor cats. Let me be clear: I know that indoor cats can be very happy (and outdoor cats unhappy). I also know that there’ll be a lot of advantages: indoor cats are safer and live longer. The risk of expensive vet costs diminishes. I don’t need to deal with ticks and other disgusting animals on a daily basis. It will give me a great peace of mind knowing where my cats are. I neither need to worry about cars nor crazy neighbors.

Here’s the problem: it just is not what I had imagined. One of the reasons why I wanted to have cats was independence and equality: (more…)

Cat laws regulating outdoor cats

This posting was supposed to be the last post sharing my general thoughts on getting a cat. I wanted to reflect on why I will let my cats go outside. My outdoor criterium was also why I couldn’t get cats from my local animal shelter: you may not adopt a cat without signing a contract that you will keep the cat as an indoor cat. The staff didn’t give any concrete reasons and mumbled something about their general policy. I’m a bit disappointed about their lacking communication, because I now know why the shelter prevents their cats becoming outdoor cats. (more…)

The cat is still in the bag

cat-bagNow this is embarrassing. I spent a lot of time starting this blog. I outlined quite a few postings to test if I’ve enough material for a blog. However, I somehow ‘forgot’ that you don’t know me. That you can’t know what my upcoming postings will deal with. No wonder it’s confusing what I really want to say: do I like cats? Have I decided whether I want cats? Thank you, Timmy Tomcat, for making me aware of that!

Bottom line: Until recently, I haven’t cared for cats. Ashley (and no, this blog is not about our friendship) texted me the other day: It’s funny, you were never interested in my cats and now you’ve become a crazy cat lady. This message says it all: (more…)

Sharon van Etten – We Are Fine

cat-in-a-box… may be a good soundtrack to this posting.

As we all know by now, my shrink is earning money on me. And she is sometimes even having fun whilst working, because I’m a very ironic person. However, we’re both aware that I often need to laugh difficult topics away; that’s just my way of dealing with things. Which of course doesn’t mean I think it’s funny that our cats are lost. Ok, the cat from hell incident, where Ashley’s cat Mickey scared me to death, is funny.

Unfortunately, the story of Ashley and her cats neither had a happy end, because her mother didn’t like cats. One day, when Ashley got home, the cats were gone for good. To the local animal shelter. Ashley was crossed, but couldn’t do anything about it. She was still going to school and couldn’t afford living on her own.

I tried to comfort her. I really felt sorry for her. I understood that she was very sad, but I guess I never truly understood how she really felt. Cats didn’t mean anything to me and I had difficulties to relate to her feelings. I hope she still felt that I was there for her. I’d like to give her a hug now, but the distance between us isn’t anymore 200 km, but 2000 km (1.300 miles).

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