Weekly review – week 16 (2015), Sunday Selfie and Blog Award

My crazy week

Team Shelter had a really eventful week. I was very ill and crossed my limits. I was at the emergency room, but I could go home after a long day. I cut all my aloe vera plants, because I wanted to avoid that my cats need emergency treatment. I was worried about the power balance between my cats, but Tessa was very relaxed and showed off. Tessa was also easy-going when their cage was open, but Kajsa and I were overwhelmed.

In short: many things happened, but the real excitement is still ahead: THIS WAS MY LAST WEEK WITHOUT CATS! 3 days to go! (more…)

P as in Poison Plants. Getting rid of my Aloe Vera plants

Only four days until my cats are coming home, and I still have so much to do!

toxic plant to catI’m so excited (and so in love) that it didn’t even hurt to kill my aloe vera plants. They’re toxic to cats, and I want my girls to be safe. It really is that simple, even though the plants weren’t just any plants to me. I was first thinking about giving them to friends, but I reconsidered. First of all, they’re quite big and, let’s face it, ugly. They need a lot of light, so you can’t hide them somewhere in your basement. I also remembered why I started to grow aloe vera plants: I use the gel for cosmetic products. If I have to get rid of them, I want the fruit of my labor. Literally speaking.

It was a lot of work, but it paid off – I got 0,5 liter (17 US fl oz) aloe vera extract!

Here’s what I did: (more…)

N as in Nobody Home. Do you have an emergency back-up plan for your cats?

Huh huh. Do you remember that I felt bad on Tuesday? It actually started already on Monday. I had some stomach ache, but I didn’t pay too much attention. I was sure my symptoms were psychosomatic, even though I felt really bad on Tuesday. As my pain got worse, I called the health center on Wednesday morning. The nurse told me to see a doctor immediately. (more…)

L as in limit. A long way to go

I planned on writing a post on cat litter today. It doesn’t work out. I’m so tired, and I’m feeling really bad. I haven’t eaten for 2 days, and I can’t get anything down. I’m having severe problems writing English. My language skills are always suffering when I’m feeling bad.

I’m very bad at accepting and knowing my limits. I wouldn’t have written a post at all if I was better at accepting my limits. But this easy solution is good for being me. I’m back tomorrow, because I already wrote the Wordless Wednesday post. Right now, I feel really word- and ‘worldless’. Thank you for all your comments and thoughts. Thank you, Ellen, for your awards. I’m not able to respond today, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate it.

K as in Kajsa. Love at second sight

I’m embarrassed about this post. I thought about editing some parts, but I want to be authentic on this blog.

I fell in love with Tessa at first sight. She was so cute and made it easy for me. She let me pet her and showed that she liked me. Kajsa was hiding. She continued being shy for some days, but she eventually warmed up. I had nothing against Kajsa, but it was Tessa I adored. Kajsa felt more like an “attachment”. Wow, this sounds cruel. I made sure that Kajsa accepted me, because I wanted her to feel comfortable at my place. However, it didn’t immediately feel like the perfect match, but rather like another wonderful cat that comes along with Tessa. I love both now. Kajsa and I just needed a bit more time. (more…)

Weekly review – week 15 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

thoughtful catI usually review articles on cats and mental health on Sundays. My week was really busy and I tried to remember what my shrink told me: I need to slow down, so I skipped the articles.

My feline week

Voldemort’s escape was a great reminder for cat-proofing my windows. I built a customized window screen for my 120-year-old kitchen window, and I was pretty impressed about myself. (more…)

J as in Jail. Building window screens for my cats

I know, I’m dramatic, but I can’t help it. What I hate most about cat-proofing my home are window screens. I wanted to have inside-outdoor cats, because I didn’t like the idea of a golden cage. I’ve accepted that the Finnish law restricts outdoor cats, but it was hard to think like an adult whilst making the screens.

It doesn’t really help that my house is from 1890. (more…)

I as in Impossible and as in I’m possible

Today it’s time for a challenged challenge! This post is both part of the A to Z Challenge and The Lazy Pit Bull’s blog hop* 52 Snapshots of Life – A weekly themed photo challenge. This week’s topic is blessing.

I was in psychiatric ward exactly one year ago. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety disorder. I’m still on a long-term sick leave, but I’m feeling much better this spring. A year ago, it felt impossible to recover. I freaked out when people told me that I needed to be patient, and time will heal. I couldn’t imagine a future. At all.

The hospital’s psychologist asked me what I would choose if I could change something in my life. (more…)

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