Poopy Post. Our diarrhea journey

I write a diary to keep track of their diarrhea and medical treatment. However, I thought it might be a good idea to write a summary as well.

Before it gets too confusing: they also have issues with their ears, but I believe that this is not related to their diarrhea – they had ear problems long before their diarrhea started. They had ear mites at the shelter. The vet confirmed on May 11th that they don’t have ear mites anymore, but now an ear infection (bacterial). They got antibiotic ear drops for 2 weeks, additionally to the daily ear cleaning.


  • Biobak (Lactobacillus in English? / probiotics and vitamins). Helps to regulate the stomach, especially during antibiotic treatment). Starting May 7th
  • Tylosin (antibiotics) May 11th – May 23rd. 120 mg (60 mg in the morning, 60 mg in the evening)
  • Axilur (deworming) May 21st – May 26th. 250 mg
  • Ears: Canofite (antibiotics) 5 drops / ear twice a day (+ ear cleaning)


4th: Kajsa has really bad diarrhea
5th-7th: Kajsa has diarrhea

7th: Started to give them probiotics.

8th-9th: Both have diarrhea. One threw up a hairball (most likely Tessa)
10th: Kajsa has “normal” diarrhea, Tessa has really bad diarrhea
11th: Someone threw up (no hairball)

11th-23rd: antibiotics, 11th-26th antibiotic ear drops

13th-16th: sometimes normal poop, sometimes mixed, sometimes diarrhea

21st until 26th: deworming meds

17th-26th: diarrhea (apart from one normal poop on May 19th)
25th Hairball (Tessa)
25th-26th Change of food habits. They deny eating wet food mixed with water. I give my best to make sure that they drink enough / force them to drink (syringe)


  • hair loss catsThey’re also dealing with hair loss (only behind their ears, therefore unlikely due to diarrhea). It’s a bit strange though; the skin is neither red nor shows any other signs of scratching. Tessa’s fur is a bit wet on this pictures because of the ear cleaning.
  • The diarrhea started before the antibiotics, and continued after I stopped giving them antibiotics. (I know, the drugs are still in their body).
  • I’m quite sure that their diarrhea is some kind of “infection”, because Tessa caught it 3-4 days later.
  • Bacteria are unlikely causing the the diarrhea (because of the antibiotics)
  • I neither think that we’re dealing with worms. They got dewormed at the shelter two times, the latter period was from March 15th until March 29th. I dewormed them May 21st-May 26th.
  • I’m wondering if they’ve one-celled parasites, maybe Giardia. Giardia is zoological (meaning also humans can get infected). I had diarrhea for 2 days, but I also ate something ‘stupid’ (dough when I baked a cake and pea soup…) So I’m not sure whether my diarrhea is connected to theirs (probably not).
  • It’s worth noting that both had only one day of really bad diarrhea. Kajsa on the very first day (as far as I remember), Tessa on the 3rd day.
  • I tried special food for 2 days, but they didn’t eat it. They got the same food during this whole period: a brand called Latz (related to Purina?). Not really high-quality food, but they got Latz quite often at the shelter. The packages are multi-flavored, but I couldn’t see any impact on their poop.
  • Both are playful, eat their food and behave normally (during the whole time, apart from Kajsa on May 4th).
  • I’ll see the vet on Thursday. I’m currently collecting poop from 3 different days, and hope that she finds out what’s causing their diarrhea.


I’m a “young” Cat Mom, but I do my best. I became an expert on cleaning ears, and giving ear drops and pills. Yeah. But they’re giving me so much joy that I never regretted my decision to adopt them.

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