My first feline Mother’s Day

UPDATE: Pah! I wrote this post yesterday, but Mamma was too lazy to post it! /Kajsa

Hi, Kajsa here. Mamma is still taking a break, but I managed to get my paws on her computer. I won’t do Mamma’s weekly review (what’s the point anyways?? I want food now!), but I need to tell you about our humiliation!

suspicious cats

We were both sitting on the sofa observing some strange behavior:

Mamma was doing something in the kitchen! Unbelievable – it wasn’t for us, but for the nasty woman at the shelter. We’re seeing her today because she likes to deep-clean our ears, and what’s Mamma’s response?? She doesn’t bite her, but bakes a cake! Thank you Mom 2 – I can’t believe that she’s thanking this evil vet nurse for being such a great second Mom – she’s terrible, she really is!

mother day cake

Hehe. Good thing: Mamma isn’t one of the smartest, and I’m wondering how she wants to carry two boxes and one cake at the same time. Sure as hell I won’t share a carrier with Tessa. Ok, I wouldn’t mind, because I could hit Tessa all the way to the shelter, but Mamma doesn’t like that. She doesn’t have a car, so chances are good that she has to leave the cake here.

Sometimes Tessa is a great mate – she tried to destroy the cake. Well, she claims that she just wanted to sign it with her paws, but she’s a liar, because she’s always hoping for some treats. Either way, Mamma wasn’t pleased. However, I’m relieved that she doesn’t prioritize the cake – it can’t be too important when she takes a picture before saving the cake?

cat eats cake

cat mother day… and for making our humiliation even more awful, Mamma sent this card to her mother – with greetings from her hairy grandchildren. Pah! We’d never write such a card, it’s ridiculous. We wanted to play with the card, but Mamma didn’t let us bite on it. Why on earth does she claim that the card is from us when we weren’t even allowed to touch it??? Humans are so stupid.


Mamma wants to add something:

– I DID manage to carry two cats and one cake. Sorry, honey, but humans invented backpacks.
– Thank you for all your kind words. I wanted to take a longer break, but I had fun blogging!