Million Dollar Cats

Many of you know that Granny and Grandpa have a lot of stuff in their flat that they don’t like anymore. Can you imagine their cellar?! Mom did some hard work while we were in Germany and cleared their storage. She put most things on Ebay right away, but she may have found a real treasure: a box full of stamps! She got a catalogue for philatelists and took the stamps to Finland. She sometimes sits in our living room and tries to sort stamps.

We don’t really like her new hobby, because we mustn’t help her. Mom said that some stamps could be worth a lot of money; the oldest so far is from the 1880s. She claims that it’s very important to avoid any possible damage, because the value of a stamp depends on its condition.

Bah. I waited patiently for my chance to have a closer sniff. And then it happened: Mom had to use her litter box and was too lazy to put all stamps away. She had a look at me, but I was of course deeeeeeeep asleep, so she left the living room for 1 minute. Hehe.

She was not impressed with my hunting and acting skills, bah. However, we found a compromise – I may sit in this basket while she’s watching at very old paper that humans for some reason consider valuable. Humans. They never stop surprising us, don’t they?

I’m now trying to negotiate what we’ll do with the big money that will come in eventually. We heard that stamps are sold for millions of dollars! Mom says that this is very unlikely, but she hopes that one or two stamps are worth 100$. Pfft. Why are humans always so pessimistic??

(P.S. Important question: are 100$ enough for treats, a big house with garden and a giant scratching tree?? Mom says no; a normal scratching tree for 100$ is realistic. But she wants to pay bills first, so we won’t see a lot of this money. Bah.)