German Cleanliness

Felines! You may think that we’re living the dream at our vacation home, but we suffer sometimes from major culture shock.

white paws of a cat

So those nasty Germans decided to keep “their” place clean. 1st: it’s our territory today, 2nd: our fur is the interior!

miele staubsauger katzenhaare

We didn’t know they had a German weapon: a Miele vacuum cleaner. We’ve to admit that grandpa was working hard; he was even cleaning under the sofa and discovered all our small treasures. Bah.

miele hoover cat hair

I need a break, I’m exhausted. Grandpa is done with his job, but Tessa and I have to start all over again. Sigh.

cat fur on sofa

Mamma says that we’re exaggerating. Bah. She should be loyal to us, her own blood and soil, but she says we’re sweet because we’re talking about her parents. I don’t understand.