Meanwhile in Finland

hunting catWe’re back! Back to our blog and Finland! A lot has happened – our blog was “hijacked”, and we couldn’t log in!! That’s however not the only reason we couldn’t blog; we’ve been quite busy.

Tessa was doing some holiday studies: testing any possible sleeping place in any possible position. From a cat’s perspective, of course. She impressed those silly humans and got a lot of attention. At night she was busy with her second empirical study: finding all items a cat can possibly throw down.

Kajsa was overall calmer, but she certainly nailed it by sitting on a shelf playing with the fire alarm. She managed to throw it down, and Mamma woke up. A very effective way to make humans stand up and run around, but we can’t recommend the loud peep.

Mamma has abandoned us a lot. Ok, she hardly left the flat, but she played a lot of board games with granny and grandpa. She sometimes even forgot our feeding times, and we had to remind her of our basic needs. She’s also been inviting little humans to granny’s flat. Help! Feline friends – be aware of little Germans!!! Mamma says they exist in Finland as well, but we don’t want to believe her.

We had a safe trip home, but someone has taken our home away! Apparently, Mamma’s landlord decided to do some major construction work, and we’re stuck with Mamma on the first floor. Our complaining hasn’t helped so far; in fact, Mamma has said that the bedroom on the second floor doesn’t exist anymore. What???? She has also said that she can’t stop the noise, but that we’ll get a lovely surprise when the noise finally stops as we’ll have much more space on the second floor than before.

We don’t understand. Humans are very weird creatures.

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