U as in United. Our first 24 hours together

Our first night

… was OK. I learnt something new: whiskers tickle! Ok, all of you knew this, but I didn’t. Tessa and / or Kajsa (I don’t know) also liked to go under my bed and scratch the mattress from below. So I woke up several times, but nobody jumped on my belly! As far as I know, I was sleeping alone in my bed. They were meowing for food at 7 am, which is great, because that’s when I’m supposed to get up.


They were getting me to make breakfast, but they didn’t eat anything. A bit annoying, but it got worse: they hardly ate anything today. I’m starting to worry, and I’ve no idea what happened. They liked the food yesterday, but not today. Especially Tessa seems to be very picky. The shelter fed both dry and wet food, and I thought it’d be good if I continued their routines during the first weeks. I want to give only wet food in the long run. Even though Tessa was eating wet food yesterday, she decided to only eat dry food today. She neglected to eat any other food (and yes, I tried different brands). Both have been drinking today.

Litter box

Trouble is: it’s not only the food, but also the litter tray I’m worried about. Ok, there’s obviously a connection, but still. One has peed today, but not much. I saw that Kajsa pooped, and I was so relieved. Tessa has just eaten some dry food (yes, I was stupid enough to give up), and I hope that she’ll poop tonight. They peed a lot last night, so maybe it’s a day rhythm thing.

I use the same litter as the shelter, and they’ve three litter boxes.

(I’m sorry if I’m using unappropiate words, I’ve never talked about bathroom issues in English before.)

When sanity’s away, hysteria will play

I’m hysterical, but I’m so afraid that they are not feeling good. I already imagined that they’ll die tonight because they didn’t poop today. Gnarg. The shelter said it’s really dangerous when they don’t eat / use the litter box for more than one day. I really don’t get it – I expected food and digestive problems yesterday, but everything was fine.

Apart from the food and digestion, we had a great day. They slept a lot and found some new spots to hang on. Both have showed me that they like me. Kajsa cuddled a lot, and even Tessa liked that I petted her. In other words: their behavior doesn’t support my worries.

I will try to calm down now. I know that I’m overreacting: I’m so tired and I’m a total newbie.

Our first day in pictures

Both are really enjoying the shelf, but Kajsa also liked the box today.

weird cats

They were spending a lot of time in the staircase, so I decided to replace one carrier. I think it’s a weird place to hang out though.

cats love stairs

I removed the basket from the window board. They weren’t interested at all, and had troubles to look through the window. Now they’re using the window spot, but the staircase is more popular.

cat window

Silke from the 3+1 cats said that her cats don’t like soft and cozy places – they prefer hard surfaces. This may be the reason they didn’t like the basket, but Tessa also likes to sleep on my bed and in the shelf. It’s even more confusing that they had a similar basket at the shelter, and they were even fighting about the basket!

And yes, I really need to make the bed.

cat is sleeping in my bed
I’m very tired, so I’ll go to bed now. My apologies that I haven’t been visiting your blogs, it was a long emotional day.