Did you know that reflector is also called cat’s eye (Katzenauge) in German? My dictionary claims that you can also say so in (British?) English, but I had problems finding a better reference. Many of you are English native speakers, can you help me here?

Two real cat eyes and two fake. Good to know that all 4 are working!

According to the Finnish law, pedestrians must use reflectors during the dark months of the year. I know that wearing reflectors for improved safety is very uncommon in most countries, but I encourage you to give it a try. I admit that I thought it was a bit silly when I came to Finland. I had lived in Northern Norway before moving to Southern Finland, so Helsinki wasn’t dark for me in winter. However, I changed my mind when I drove a car for the first time in Finland: it really makes a big difference!

If you’re interested to think about it: the Finnish Road Safety Council has a great animation where you can compare how well you’re seen with and without reflectors. Change the distance as well, 20 meters (default setting) isn’t a long distance – and you want to be seen as early as possible when walking in the dark.