It’s been a hard day’s night

…. and we’d been working like a cat. You can’t imagine how much work moving is. Our duties were enormous.

Of course I was helping with the screens we showed yesterday. Who said that cats don’t like noisy construction work? At least I’m brave, hard-working and reliable… in the opposite to a certain other cat who spent many hours under Mom’s bed.


There was also a lot of paperwork to be done


I had to make sure that Mom takes enough breaks

cat sleeps on me

We were a great team, because Kajsa again kept Mom on her toes. She’s very afraid of spiders, so Kajsa only had to sneak behind Mom and tickle her with whiskers.

whiskers cat

And of course we had to acknowledge any new furniture.



Oh yes, a kitty’s work never ends. You should think that we deserved pouch food and a lot of treats, but Mom didn’t seem to appreciate our long working hours. Pffffft. Humans.


tessa nov2015