Help – Cats and Candles?

We live in a 120-year-old wooden house, and I was too afraid to light candles after I got my cats. However, I was freezing so much during the power outage that I was desperate for any source of heat. The obvious precaution, a big bucket with water, didn’t really solve my main concern: I was afraid that Tessa could come too close to a candle with her very fluffy tail. If her tail caught fire, she’d probably run upstairs and hide under my bed.

Our kitchen is at the same time our living room, and the place where we spent most time. I know for sure that there aren’t any hiding spots I can’t access. Believe me, I know all spots after our medication nightmare month.

That’s why I decided to

  1. Only light candles in the kitchen
  2. Close the kitchen door
  3. Have a lot of water available.
  4. Don’t forget the litter trays: I actually have a lot of sand as well!

So how did Kajsa and Tessa react? Both were of course curious.

what do cats do with candles

… and very careful. Have a look at Kajsa’s paws, she didn’t move any closer to the candle!

cat is very careful with candles

She was also investigating the other candles.

cats and candles

… but decided that it’s better to keep some distance.

how cats react to candles

I’d really appreciate to hear your experiences here: do you light candles when your cats are in the same room? Do you have any special precautions? Do you think my solution is too risky?

I think it’s highly unlikely that they will tilt candles or that their fur will catch fire. However, if this happens, I’m prepared with water and sand. Oh, and of course I won’t leave the room at all.

mommy nov2015