Meet my girls Tessa and Kajsa!

getting to know my catsSo who are these girls I fell in love with? The vet assumes they’re 3-6 years old. We don’t know what happened to them. They were found about 250 km (155 miles) from my hometown. The shelter says that they’re a bit shy and need a lot of patience.


shelter catsMeeting Tessa was easy and wonderful. She accepted me very fast, but I’m not sure whether she’s braver or “more stupid” (meaning naive). Tessa is quite lazy; she hangs out a lot and is not always aware of what is happening around her. She really likes to play. Her coat needs a lot of care, but Tessa is very patient. The shelter’s staff showed me how to brush her coat, and she accepts even me doing that! It was love at first sight. I saw her and hoped that she’d like me. During my first visit, I was spending most time with her, because Kajsa was hiding. Now Kajsa has become more active and is taking a lot of space.

Tessa likes to play with me, and she allows me to brush her coat, but she doesn’t want to cuddle anymore. That’s ok; I don’t want to pressure her. I’m having some troubles sharing as much time with her as with Kajsa though. I don’t know a lot about cats, I’m just going with my gut: their cage isn’t big, so when Tessa is moving to another shelf and shows no interest, I’ll leave her alone. I’m however worried that she may think Kajsa is more important to me.


shelter catKajsa was very shy and she’d hide most of the time. She certainly didn’t like that Tessa allowed me to touch her. I like that she tries to protect herself and Tessa, and she’s clearly the boss of this duo.The shelter says that she doesn’t like any other cat but Tessa. We’ll see. Maybe Kajsa will accept other cats when she’s feeling more secure. Whilst Tessa is not paying too much attention to her environment, Kajsa is always on watch.

I can feel that she’s the ‘watch-cat’; she has difficulties to relax. She likes me, seeks my attention and wants me to cuddle her. When I do cuddle her, she can’t relax and lay down: she licks my hand and moves back and forth. I was first afraid to continue cuddling after she had walked away, but I made a rule: I won’t follow her, but if she comes back to me, I’ll continue cuddling. This seems to work. On Saturday she actually fell asleep next to me! The shelter was very impressed that she was sleeping whilst I was in the cage, so I take this as a big compliment.

Coming back to Tessa: Kajsa is the dominant cat. I’m afraid that Tessa doesn’t dare to seek my attention at the same time as Kajsa? Hm. Even if this is true (I’m not so sure about that), I don’t know how to react. Feels like I should accept the cats’ power relationship, but I’m afraid that Tessa doesn’t get enough attention. However, I don’t know if Tessa doesn’t dare to compete with Kajsa – in case she just needs more time to get to know me, I don’t want to rush her.

Huh huh. Lot’s of things to think about. I had no idea what kind of important considerations were waiting for me when I decided to get two cats instead of one.