Inside and outdoor cats

Øyhoppertur Mevær Fleinvær 14Sigh. I’m still a bit down because I’ll probably get indoor cats. Let me be clear: I know that indoor cats can be very happy (and outdoor cats unhappy). I also know that there’ll be a lot of advantages: indoor cats are safer and live longer. The risk of expensive vet costs diminishes. I don’t need to deal with ticks and other disgusting animals on a daily basis. It will give me a great peace of mind knowing where my cats are. I neither need to worry about cars nor crazy neighbors.

Here’s the problem: it just is not what I had imagined. One of the reasons why I wanted to have cats was independence and equality:

In my phantasy world, I see cats as somehow equal family members. They can decide themselves what they want to do – go outside, stay inside, what the heck, I even give them a fair possibility to run away if they don’t like themselves at all.

I’ve difficulties handling disappointments, especially when something doesn’t turn out the way I anticipated. Well, ok, I guess this is to some extend true for all of you. However, it’s easier dealing with that when your mental condition is in balance. I was so disappointed that I considered to not getting cats at all. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this childish behavior, but I wanted to be honest on this blog. In the meantime, I’ve calmed down. I will still get cats and I can even see some positive outcomes. I’ve mentioned some above, but there are two other benefits:

  • I’m a tenant in this house and I don’t know for how long I can live here. Finding a new accommodation with indoor cats will be much easier. I could even move to an apartment tower.
  • I can get the cats from my local animal shelter. First, this will be much easier and second, I can rely on the shelter. The shelter has done a health check and I’ll get all the papers I need.

How to prevent escaping?

A minor motivation for having outdoor cats becomes now a major concern: I don’t know how I can ensure that they stay inside. I live in a semi-detached house with a garden. On hot summer days, the windows and doors are open. I also sleep with open windows. How can I make sure they won’t jump out of the window? I’m only a tenant here, so I can’t make major changes to the house. Obviously, I could get mosquito nets, but I’m not sure if they’ll be resistant enough. I’m also afraid the nets could keep daylight and fresh air out, but I guess that would depend on the net.

The door isn’t the main problem, I could live with a closed door, even though it was always great for cross ventilation. The good thing about the entrance door is its double door system. The cat can’t wait behind the door and escape as soon as I open the door.

Sigh. I really appreciated that I wouldn’t need to handle this problem with inside-outdoor cats. I’ve to read more about preventing cats to escape. The little I’ve done hasn’t really solved my problem. Pet Happy suggest nine ways of preventing escaps, but I can’t build a safe outdoor enclosure. They also suggest to ventilate your rooms one by one, but it’s too hot for not keeping the windows open in summer.