Living the dream

We’re really feeling sorry for Mamma’s father. There’s no cure for this destiny: being a human. We overheard what he said to Mamma the other day:

After you got cats, I’m seriously considering if I should convert to buddhism. You know, reincarnation is suddenly a tempting idea: I’d love to be reborn as your cat! I’d sleep as much as I want, I’ll get petted as much as I want – and when I decide I don’t want to cuddle anymore, I’ll just hiss and go away. I can be selfish and naughty, and get away with it, because I’m so cute. Only one thing is bothering me – would you neuter me?

Indeed, we’re quite satisfied with our life. We got our own shelf

cats in a shelf
… and Mamma thinks we’re

sooo cute when we’re sleeping there.

cats are sleeping in weird positions
… or on the sofa. She can’t get enough of it.

cats are so sweet when they're sleeping
We’re so cute; it doesn’t really matter if we’re sleeping or playing.

cat enjoying tunnel
cat playing in a tunnel

Mamma’s father sounds like a nice guy, and we’ll soon meet him. Mamma said that we’re going to visit her parents. She looks a bit worried and guilty though, but we don’t know why. She mumbled something about an airplane, but flying sounds great to us – that’s there those stupid birds are, and now we can finally catch them!


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