A meowing pram

I don’t have a car, but public transportation is very good here. I never felt the urge of getting a car until my girls moved in. For some odd reason, all vets are difficult to reach. Well, not really difficult, but I don’t want to change busses with two cats. I neither want to walk for more than a few minutes with them, so I had to come up with something.

I admit that I’m quite satisfied with myself, because I had a brilliant idea. I bought on Ebay an old pram for 10€ (11$). The closest vet is a 20 minutes’ walk from my place – no problem when I put their carriers in the pram.

how to transport your cat to the vetI love that I can use the pram regardless of the weather. It has a rain cover so my girls won’t get wet. I can cover their carriers with blankets if it’s really cold.

how to transport your cat without a carAnd best of all – you do entertain your neighborhood when you’re taking your cats for a walk!