What Humans Learn From Their Parents

Mom was surprised that I snuggled with Granny a lot. She’d love to snuggle more with me, but I normally go away after some seconds.

So one evening she petted me, and I hissed at her. Granny saw what happened, and started tickling me right after I had hissed at Mom. The latter couldn’t believe her eyes when I started purring. Those stupid humans eventually figured out that Granny tickles me in a different (read: better) way than Mom.

Oh, how I miss my Granny!

spoiled by granny

the best way to make your cat purr

Since then Mom’s tickling skills have enhanced a lot. She still has a lot to learn, but she’s on a good way. Can you believe that she’s been TOO STUPID to tickle me for 7 months??

tessa nov2015

Hehehehe. Let’s see when she’ll change my byline!