Bloody tricky ticks

So Detective Mamma has a new enemy: ticks. Sigh. As for fleas: they’re luckily very rare in Finland, so it’s unlikely my girls will catch them.

cat has ticksI sometimes catch those bastards earlier, sometimes later… this fat tick was on the bathroom floor, so Tessa was apparently hosting a guest for several days. Eek. I was a bit naive, I didn’t think of ticks when we started to go out. That’s probably why I didn’t see this one before it was on the floor.

It’d been better if Kajsa was the one who likes to go out, because it’s difficult to spot ticks in Tessa’s fur. Tessa is also really picky about her belly. I manage to search for ticks with my hands, but it’d been easier if I could use my eyes as well.

I’m a newbie to ticks, but so far, the best tool for removing ticks was a lice comb. Ticks are often crawling for 2-3 hours in their search for the perfect spot – I’ve been combing them out before they bite.

I know, there’re several methods to prevent ticks,

but I don’t want to put any poison on her fur. That being said, I haven’t completely made up my mind yet. I’m currently searching for alternatives, but nothing has so far convinced me. I’ve difficulties to believe that those electronic ultrasound devices work.

What I find most disgusting is that cats sometimes remove ticks themselves. We all know how often cats groom themselves, so it’s no wonder that they can catch ticks before they bite.

  1. I don’t want them to leave ticks on my bed. Eek. So far, I haven’t had a tick this year, so I hope the population on my bed remains zero.
  2. I don’t want them to eat ticks. Hm. Kind of depends how Borrelia is transmitted. If it’s safe to eat ticks, I’d be thrilled if they ate them.

What tick prevention (if any) do you use?

cat explores garden

curious cat explores garden