R as in Ready. The last preparations for my rescue cats

Yeah! I’ve catified the first floor, so I’m ready to take my cats home tomorrow!

Only bad news: the shelter didn’t call me today. When I adopted my girls, they promised to call me when I can get them. The shelter assumed that they’d be ready on April 21st. I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks (!) now, and I really hope that we can finally live together. The shelter is closed for visitors on Mondays and Tuesdays, so my countdown ends on April 22nd. However, the staff has mentioned several times that I can get them this week, so I hope that this is the reason they didn’t call me today.

My last days were crazy and I got a lot of things done!

1. Most important: my allergy test

“Kissa” means cat in Finnish. Yeah, I’m clean! Thank you again for all your support when the rash on my hand freaked me out.

allergy test cats


2. Laundry day

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kajsa or Tessa had an accident, so I wanted to have enough towels and blankets. The shelter says that they’ve always used the litter box, but I want to be prepared.
cat is peeing in my bed


3. I pretended that I’m a crafts(wo)man

Window screen number 2
window sceen cats… and 3. Luckily the last one. Funny thing: I’m maybe moving in June. Sigh.
window screen for catsI finally repaired the kitchen. Hallelujah. It’s been broken for ages, and I finally did it! I needed the extra space for the garbage and plastic bags. Especially Kajsa seems to like plastic, so I needed a safe place for my plastic bags.
catproof your home


4. I pretended that I’m an electrician

Ok, not really. However, I was concerned about some cables. Especially Tessa is very playful, and I don’t trust her. It’s not an ideal solution, but better than before. I don’t know why I only had blue tape. It’s a special tape for electrics, and I probably bought the blue one, because I like blue. All my walls are white though, so I don’t know what I was thinking.

Before and after (I’ll put their food bowls on the trays)
electricity and catsdangerous for cats


5. I pretended that I’m an interior architect

My fridge could be a great place for my cats. It’s the highest spot in the kitchen, and you can look through the window from there. I wanted to make it more cozy, but pillows or blankets could cause a fire: if they fall behind the fridge, the air circulation can’t work properly. I fixed a pillow into this bag, but I’m wondering whether the bag is too small now. I’ll see. Either way, the bag is too big to fall behind the fridge.
cozy spots for catsI’ve become a Mom, and I’m worried about everything. The bag can’t call behind the fridge, but it can still fall down. I was afraid the cats could get hurt if they sat inside the bag, so I made sure the bag stays on the fridge.
cat-proof fridge


Cats seem to love boxes, so I prepared two for them. One as a hiding place, and the second as a bed.

cats and boxes
Do you remember my shelf? I made a luxury hiding place of the lower shelf. I’m not sure if they’ll get the idea or if they’ll only play with the funny curtains. In case they like to hide there, I’ll replace the ‘curtains’: I’ve some really nice fabric, but I don’t want to start sewing before I know that they’ll use the space.

catified shelf


And, finally, the master piece. A cozy basket on the window board.
window board too small for my catThe window board is rather small, but I wanted to offer a place where they can hang out. Silke from the 3+1 cats inspired me to this solution. Also her window board is too small, so she hang a hammock from her windows. Best part: the weight is NOT on the slings. The hammock only enlarges the window board.

In my version, the basket (and thus the weight) is on the window board and my kitchen table. The slings only make sure that the basket stays at its place.
creative solutions for cats


Hallelujah, you made it through this posting! Tomorrow, I ‘only’ need to clean my place (and finally remove all nails and screws from the floor, ouch!). I’m so nervous! Let’s just hope the shelter didn’t call me, because they thought I knew that I can pick them up on Wednesday.