Who let the cats out, who who who

It was me!
cat enjoying our gardenI did something pretty unusual – I took my girls out without thinking too much. I know there are proper leash training guides, but I decided to go with my guts. We just go out, and I’m learning by doing. And now I’m going wild – I didn’t even come up with proper routines. Ok, there’s one: they’ll always get their beloved dry food afterwards; I want them to look forward to something when they get in.

Well, “they” is an exaggeration. Tessa loves to be outside, Kajsa not so much – she normally chooses to stay inside. I’m not surprised; Kajsa is always more careful than Tessa. As much as I’d love to see Kajsa outside, it’s a great opportunity to have some alone-time with Tessa. Kajsa is quite dominant, and I’m always struggling to give Tessa enough attention. I’ll eventually do some proper leash training with Kajsa, because I think she’d love to be in the garden as well. She just needs some support there, but for now I’m focusing on Tessa.

cat looks like a dollAnd no, of course she isn’t always hanging out and looking adorable. She’s exploring every stone, eating grass and annoyed that I don’t let her hunt birds. Oh, and she loves to play with my neighbor’s hula hoop!

cat playing with hula hoop