Power outage is never funny, but it gets worse when it happens on a cold and dark December day in Finland. Tessa and Kajsa were first thrilled because I could neither read nor use any technical device: they had my full attention. However, our heating system needs electricity, and the fun part stopped when it became very cold inside.

I wasn’t sure what to do, and asked Punapippuri’s Äiti for help: is it better to keep the cats in a cold house or transport them somewhere warm? She advised us to stay home and had a brilliant idea: to check if we had some warm water left. I filled glass containers with warm water, and tried to convince Tessa and Kajsa with treats to lay next to them. Well, they ate the treats, tried to tilt the containers, and went away. Sigh.

how to warm up cats

It got colder and colder. I played a lot with them to keep them moving, and fed their favorite food to make them eat. I also tried to cover them with blankets whilst they were sleeping. Let’s put it that way: they didn’t quite get the idea. Sigh.

I eventually realized that I was a hysterical newbie again – if they don’t seek warmth, they’re probably not cold enough. So yes, after MONTHS of sanity, they made me going crazy again, good job!

(P.S. Yes, we’ve electricity again!)

mommy nov2015