Q as in Questions. Why do I never feel prepared?

Ah! 2 days to go, and I’m very close to freaking out. On the one hand, I can’t wait until the day after tomorrow (!), on the other hand, I feel so unprepared! I still need to fix so many things, and my perfectionist behavior is driving me crazy.

This has been a VERY long adoption process, so why on earth do I not feel prepared?
Ok, I need to do one more window screen (sigh), clean my house and fix smaller things. I don’t need the third window screen right away, but I’ve to build it at the latest tomorrow. I spent a lot of money buying supplies, and I won’t need all of it. The store refunds unopened packages within 2 weeks, and tomorrow is the last day to return them. Every window screen is individual, because no window is alike in this house. I don’t know what I’ll need to make the third window screen. I could return everything, and buy new things. This would give me two extra weeks, but it’s such a waste of time.

I want to clean my house, because I don’t want to do it when the cats are trying to adapt – I’ve heard that most cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners. I’ll also be much calmer when everything is clean.

AND I totally forgot about the allergy test. It’s tomorrow morning, but I’m not too nervous. I neither had a rash nor any other allergic symptoms during the last weeks. So tomorrow I’ll spend a lot of time commuting, because the allergy test is in the morning and my therapy in the early afternoon. Both places are very close to each other, but about 50 minutes from my place. Gnarg.

I’ve been preparing a lot, but I still have so many questions! My house has a lot of doors, which is great for the cats – I’ve read that it’s best to slowly introduce them to their new home. This semi-detached house is very strange: I’ve only a very small part of the first floor, whilst my neighbors’ apartment is very huge. In return, I’ve the whole second floor. I already made a drawing of the first floor when I was talking about litter boxes:
when-the-cat-is-away-houseThe kitchen is at the same time my living room. My bedroom is upstairs, above the hall. I planned to keep the door to the staircase closed during the first hours. When I’ll go to bed, I’ll leave the doors to the staircase and bedroom open. I thought that they had time to discover the stairs and my bedroom ‘whilst’ I’m sleeping (let’s see if I’ll wake up). They can’t go to any other room upstairs, because I can separate the rest of the second floor.

I’m not so sure anymore that this is a great plan, because it means that the cats have to be in the same room as I during their first hours. Especially Kajsa is very shy, and I think that she might prefer being in my bedroom whilst I’m in the kitchen. However, if I open the door to the staircase immediately, they may feel scared because the house is too big.

There’re other aspects as well. I can’t put a litter box in my bedroom, because it’s too small. (Really. The bed is taking all the space.) I want them to be in the same room as a litter tray during their first hour, so that they know where they are. ARG! I think I’ll stick to my original plan. I’ll provide hiding places in the kitchen, so I guess they’ll manage. If they want, they can join me in the bedroom at night, because I’ll open the doors when I’m going to bed.

Huh huh. I’m sorry if this entry is confusing. I’m so confused and nervous myself that I’ve difficulties to structure my text. I’ll try to breathe now and do some smaller things. It’s already evening here, so I’ll soon go to bed.