Spoilt for choice: what’s in a name?

I’m wondering if I should rename my blog to When sanity’s away, hysteria will play? Oh my. Thank you for still reading here. I’ve calmed down. I’ll still get checked out, even though I don’t think I’m allergic to cats. However, it’s an easy and reliable test, and I won’t have to worry anymore. I talked with the shelter about allergies yesterday, because I didn’t know that a cat allergy can also cause rashes. They asked me today how I felt and want me to get tested. I agree with them. I’d be really awful if the cats came home and needed to be replaced again.

Drama is my second name.
The cats are still at the shelter and I’m already freaking out. They already own me! I still get to choose their names though – and yes, they’ll choose what they want to hear, but names would be great. I’m thinking about Kajsa and Tessa. I’m a bit afraid that the names are too alike. The beginning is different, but both end with the same sound. What do you think? Can cats distinguish between Kajsa and Tessa? If you don’t know how to pronounce Kajsa: K (like in key), aj (like the i in like), sa (like in Tessa). I’d name the brown-white cat Kajsa and the darker cat Tessa.

I’ve read that cats react to s- and t-sounds, that’s why I wanted to have a strong s in their names. I really liked Kajsa and Tessa. Kajsa is a traditional Swedish name, its origin is Katarina. Sigh. I’m overthinking. Again. I know.