H as in Halfway. The long wait for my rescue cats

It’s been over 2 weeks since I adopted Tessa and Kajsa, and I’ve to wait for another 2 weeks until I finally can take them home. Their ear mites are the reason for this slow adoption process. The shelter requires that their cats are as healthy as possible when they’re coming to their new home.

The long waiting period has its benefits.
I’ve time to cat-proof my home: to get rid of my toxic plants, to repair shelves and to fix window screens. I’ll get checked for allergies on April 21st. I would have paid an urgent test if I hadn’t time, but now I can get tested for free. The three of us can get to know each other before Kajsa and Tessa are coming home. It’s also great that we don’t have to start our relationship with daily ear cleanings, medication and vet appointments. I neither have to clean my house every day nor do a lot of laundry. So yes, I do see the benefits.

However, it breaks my heart to see them in their small cage, so I wouldn’t mind doing the extra work and taking care of them. After all, I’m the person in charge as soon as they leave the shelter.

animal shelterSo that’s my normal view whilst sitting in their cage. Kajsa is often sitting next to the door, hoping that she’ll get out. I hope these ear mites are gone in 2 weeks. I was afraid the vet would prolong their stay at the shelter, but I’m more optimistic now. The coat next to their ears looks better than last week, so I assume they scratch less. Wonderful news!

Because of Easter, I haven’t seen them for 6 long days. I was a bit unsure whether they’ll recognize me. When I came to their cage, Kajsa was hiding in a box. I always put my jacket on a shelf next to their cage. Whilst I took my jacket off, I saw Kajsa running to the door, she was so happy to see me! My heart opened up – what a welcome! Even Tessa was watching me. She’s the one who doesn’t really notice what is happening around her.

However, especially Kajsa was very reserved. I’m wondering if she really recognized and greeted me. She goes quite often to the door when someone is passing by, so I’m not 100% sure whether she really welcomed me. I still think she did, because she was so fast and a bit excited. She ignored me for the rest of my visit though. Maybe she was angry that I hadn’t been there for so many days. GNARG! Why do I even try to understand what a cat is thinking??? It’s driving me crazy that I don’t know for sure why she was so reserved.

Tessa was very cool and showed off. She didn’t let me brush her coat, but she played with me for about 20 minutes. (I can’t stop looking at this picture! My little clown) funny cats
Kajsa was reserved and tried to look superior.
stray cat in shelter