We need your help!

… and now to the worst part of Mamma’s trip: she was cheating on us!!! I mean, we may tolerate her temporary dog thing – as the wise King Spitty said

If she wants affection, she can get a dog.

Now… this awful friend of hers did not only have two dogs, but also two cats. Ok, Jeanny on the left picture is ok. We actually like her because she’s been stressing Mamma around before we were even born!

Mama geht fremd

This tomcat Camillo however…

süßer kater


katze markiert mich

Bah! The Critters In The Cottage have already offered their help, but we want to ask all of you: what was your best revenge? We’ve to put our paws down NOW. Mamma can’t get away with this foolish behavior.