D as in Done! How cats can improve mental health, part 2: Getting Things Done

An empty fridge

The fridge is cat-proof! I removed everything from the fridge and microwave. Ok, it’d be really perfect if the fridge wasn’t empty, I really need to do some grocery shopping. It’s been some days since I had a proper meal.

cat proof fridgehow to cat proof a fridge











Ciao, Pisa!

cat proof your shelf

cat proof shelfcatproofed shelfSometimes I feel like a superstar! Do you remember my leaning tower of Pisa? Ok, I admit: I’m not a hero of taking pictures – it’d been really great if I had held the camera steady. Sigh. Whatever. The shelf is solid and cat-proof!

Unbelievable. I’m not so impressed that I managed to repair the shelf, but it’s remarkable that I actually tried to do something about it. The shelf has been unstable and dangerous for at least a year, but I didn’t care. And even if I had cared, I wouldn’t have managed to repair it.

It’s quite another matter if something is unsafe for myself or for others, especially when “the other” is a dependent person (or cat). Caring for the safety of my cats is apparently more important than my own.

cat spots in a shelf

I put some old soft clothes in four spots. I really like the result, it looks like such a cozy place for my cats! I’m thinking about getting curtains in front of some shelves – wouldn’t that be a great hiding place?

I’m wondering if I should remove one shelf. Unfortunately, I can’t make the shelf wider, but only higher. I could have one shelf on the right and two on the left side, but what’s the point? Maybe they’d like sitting there?

(And yes, I know, chances are they don’t want to be there at all… I’ll then probably remove the clothes and use the shelf space. However, I bed the shelf will become very popular as soon as I put some ‘interesting’ stuff there. Sometimes those rose-colored glasses had been really great!)