The white-brown knight

Tessa was of course first when we finally could use the second floor again. She’s always the braver one, and she loves to explore new places.

how do cats react to a new flat

Kajsa really surprised me. She usually makes herself as small as possible when she’s entering a new room. She’d never stand in the middle of a new room, but always hide for some time in a corner. Ok, she wasn’t as excited as Tessa, but look how self-conscious she is nowadays!

shy cat in a new flat

She’s of course still more careful than Tessa, and wants to inspect everything.

shy cat is becoming more self-concious

It makes me so happy to see her progress. This is a great success for us.

work with shy cats

mommy nov2015

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.